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Sparkle - flutterwave

Sparkle is a payment solution software that takes payment collection to the next level. It makes the generation of payment links with different currencies easy. For integration, it gives room for API checkout, HTML checkout, INLINE JS, and plugins. Sparkle combines lots of APIs to make things work, for example; Flutterwave card API was used for card payment, Flutterwave virtual card API was used for issuing cards, Flutterwave mobile money API was used for mobile money, Yapily API was used for open banking. These APIs were integrated into the software so all need to do is get API keys and be in line with Flutterwave and Yapily to use this software. As you read through this documentation, we will explain what you need to do to get this application running. For payouts, we added different bank format options for the admin to select for different currencies. The script supports any country. You can easily add any country from admin, set up the currency for that country which is very important as it involves setting payout, payment, virtual card charges, transaction limits, payment methods, funding, payout duration, bank format, Yapily credentials, and lots more. Not all currencies have access to all payment methods, like mobile money option will only be displayed to some African currencies like RWF, XOF, XAF, and lots more. The virtual card option is only available for NGN, USD. Card payment is available for most countries, Open banking is only available for USD, EUR & GBP. We ensured the script had a great UX for fintech companies. Exchange of currency is also available, but it's displayed when rates for a certain currency are provided by the admin. Special features include, client have options to choose who pays charges, admin can add multiple languages, maintenance mode(logs out all users and blocks login), team and roles for admin workers, email templates and message configuration, knowledge base, pricing, preloaders, easily handles big data, Webhook, card analytics, two-factor authentication, standard compliance with approval, reject and resubmit options, API documentation for different integrations, dashboard color and platform font and lots more.

Difficulties on using software


There are certain things to do before attempting to use this software

  1. To use Flutterwave card payment API without issues, you must contact their support and submit a PCI-DSS certificate.
  2. To use Yapily open banking is not free, you must negotiate banking with Yapily, register 3 applications for 3 currencies (USD, EUR, GBP). Add live institutions then add the credentials to software-supported currency.
  3. To use Flutterwave virtual API without issues, you must contact their support for access to this API.

Test Cards

  1. Card number - 4242 4242 4242 4242
  2. Date - 12/32
  3. CVV - 123

4.  OTP - 012345

Test Bank account

  1. Lloyds Bank
  2. Modular sandbox

Feel free

If you feel Flutterwave or Yapily api won’t be good for your business model and you have another api you would love to integrate, feel free to contact us on this via


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Password: junejune


Created: 2023/01/30

Framework: Laravel

Admin URL:

Admin username: admin

Admin password: 1234

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Comments (5)

Uu0011 2022/05/15 09:04:PM

I have been trying to locate the payout to see how it works. When a user sends to bank account does it go straight to the receivers bank account?

Uu0011 2022/05/15 09:41:PM

Also, is Plaid not a better alternative because of how expensive Yapily 1500 GBP implementation is?

Johna 2022/05/13 12:58:PM

Do you have Stripe api implementation in this system like in Boompay demo?

Chidicastro Author 2022/05/13 01:03:PM

Hi, stripe doesn't allow their api to be reused as a payment solution, hence your account will get blocked.

Chidicastro Author 2022/05/13 01:04:PM

Hi, stripe doesn't allow their api to be reused as a payment solution, hence your account will get blocked.

Johna 2022/05/13 01:12:PM

Are you on Whatsapp? I wrote on your number +234 905 755 0480 I have a meeting with Stripe execs and want to chat you in prior.

Sulamitey 2022/04/18 09:01:AM

I was asking Flutterwave support if they can give me PCI-DSS certificate, and they says they didn't issue PCI-DSS certificate, Did Sparkle need PCI-DSS certificate to work? Or can you recommend where we can get PCI-DSS certificate before buy Sparkle!!!

Chidicastro Author 2022/04/18 12:23:PM

flutterwave don't issue pci dss certificate, sparkle depends on flutterwave api, so it needs it to work. Contact for more information on how to get this

Uu0011 2022/04/06 01:03:PM

Yapily has Implementation Fee of 1500 GBP(one-off) aside from the 500 GBP minimum monthly commitment. Are you aware of this? I am currently reviewing their pricing proposal that was sent to me by van account executive.

Chidicastro Author 2022/04/06 04:58:PM

Yes, its not a free api service, open banking its not cheap. That is why we disclosed what api service was use and clients should contact yapily before purchasing sparkle.

Izooguzo Purchased 2022/03/08 03:08:AM

Demo isn't working.

Chidicastro Author Purchased 2022/03/08 07:35:AM

Sorry for that, we are currently updating demo

Jonathan Purchased 2022/02/09 07:21:PM

i give Boomchart 5 stars, support on point and in time they never disappoint.

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