Kingsmen - Investment Platform

Kingsmen is an amazing investment software that assists companies to raise funds for their projects by selling units to customers.

Regular license: $149
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Kingsmen - Investment Platform

DISCLAIMER: Kingsmen is back better & awesome. We are not selling investment software that have investment schemes that are not realistic and not ideal in real world cases. If you are not satisfied with the features that are currently on this product, please don’t purchase, because we don’t do refunds after downloading the product.

Kingsmen is an amazing investment software that assists companies to raise funds for their projects by selling units to customers via mutual funds and projects. We have refactored Kingsmen to a real investment software where features like next of kin, adding bank account, advanced kyc, easy to use admin, improved user experience for customers, investment updates & so much more. We look forward to improving kingsmen by bringing in mutual funds investment next month while keeping the price at $149. Bothered about payment gateway support; Flutterwave, Paystack, Stripe, Coinbase, Coingate, Skrill, Paypal & Perfect Money are integrated, with extra $30, we will add any payment gateway of your choice. Create an account to see how kingsmen works fully For bug fixes, inquiries, customization, send a request ticket here, please make it as simple as possible. Thank you

What we don't provide support for, must-read

Never delete any data from PHPMyAdmin, except via script. We won't provide support to clients that cause bugs by deleting stuff from PHPMyAdmin instead of the script.

Mutual funds: Mutual funds let you pool your money with other investors to purchase stocks, bonds, and other securities. Mutual funds act as a basket of securities you buy all at once, which can help you diversify your portfolio. You will be able to create mutual fund plans on kingsmen and provide a month log of unit price ahead. Users will be able to buy units and sell units after a certain duration of time at the current rate of units.


  • Multi language support
  • Login OTP
  • Advanced KYC (personal, document and selfie upload)
  • Add Bank accounts
  • Social Logins
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Payout Management
  • Deposit Management
  • Staff Management
  • Investment plans Management
  • 2fa Authentication
  • Phone & Email verification
  • Recaptcha
  • Next of Kin
  • Referral System - Investment waiver fee
  • Amazing UX
  • Help Center System
  • Blog System
  • Livechat support
  • Analytics support
  • Multiple Email Templates
  • Job Queueing if needed, all emails are sent with queue incase queuing is needed
  • Investment Cron jobs
  • Interface controls
  • Social links
  • Terms, privacy policy
  • Twilio Integration for sms
  • Audit Logs for Admin
  • Improved Promotion system for admin
  • System is built for scaling

Demo Frontend:

Admin Access:

Admin Login: Username: admin || Password: 1234

User Access:

User Login:Email: [email protected] || Password: junejune

Created: 2023/09/22

Framework: Laravel

Admin URL:

Admin username: admin

Admin password: 1234

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