InlineJS Addon For Doca Connect

InlineJS Addon For Doca Connect. This is for popup checkout or redirection to checkout page

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InlineJS Addon For Doca Connect

Doca Connect is a payment solution platform that uses stripe connect API to onboard and process payouts with ease. All users will be issued a stripe custom connected account. All funds received through a connected account of a customer will go to that connected account and not your main stripe balance. 



  • A Knowledge of running a server or any hosting with ssh and root access
  • A Knowledge of copy and paste codes we add in the update description
  • Having time to read the documentation
  • PHP 8.1
  • PHP extensions: php-memcache, php-pear, php-imagick, php-gmp, php8.1-cgi, php8.1-mysql, php8.1-curl, php8.1-gd, php-gd, php8.1-imap, php8.1-tidy, php8.1- xmlrpc, php8.1-xsl, php8.1-mbstring, php8.1-zip, php8.1-cli, php8.1-bcmath, php- bcmath, php8.1-gmp, php-curl, php8.1-fpm 
  • Composer +2
  • Server with SSH that has Permissions, or shared server with all permissions
  • VPS at least 4GB to be able to execute orders smoothly


Unzip and move to the Modules folder

Created: 2023/09/21

Framework: Laravel

Admin URL:

Admin username: admin

Admin password: 1234

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