Echain [Max Version]

Echain is a cryptocurrency P2P platform. It enables users to create their cryptocurrency offers at their market rate.

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Echain [Max Version]

Echain Max is a cryptocurrency P2P platform. We know you are wondering whats the difference, here it is, it provides API endpoints for building your mobile applications. It enables users to create their cryptocurrency offers at their market rate. It supports transfers of cryptocurrency from their wallets. Echain supports any cryptocurrency. Features like Bank transfer, Mobile Money, Stripe, Paypal, Skrill was integrated to make purchasing of offers directly to sellers not platform very easy. It supports light and dark mode and a complete UI redesign fromt the base version. It runs on the latest version of laravel so we guarantee security is no issue. We are doing continuous improvements to make it more stable in the long run. This version of echain doesn't supports ability to add more crypto currencies, if you need that go for the pro and max version. Echain uses coingecko API to provide real-time cryptocurrency prices. Cryptocurrency prices are updated every 10 minutes to reduce the call on API and increase website speed. The option is available for the admin to disable or enable any cryptocurrency. Admin is required to provide wallet address for every active coin, for funding of cryptocurrency wallet for users. Deposit charge, minimum deposit, swap charge, and minimum swap for each cryptocurrency can be edited.


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email: [email protected]


Created: 2023/11/28

Framework: Laravel

Admin URL:

Admin username: admin

Admin password: 1234

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  • API endpoints for IOS & ANDROID development
  • Phone number verification
  • Add any crypto currency
  • Buyers can pay directly to sellers
  • Reconfigure admin login url
  • Transfer cryptocurrency from merchant to merchant
  • Two factor authentication
  • KYC

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