Why You Need Fully Mobile Friendly Responsive Website?

Sep 21, 2023
Why You Need Fully Mobile Friendly Responsive Website?

Certainly, from the last 12-15 years, there is a boom in the cellphone industry due to iPhone and android rivalry. We are seeing new smartphones a few times in the year with a bigger screen, more camera megapixels, and storage capacity. The smartphones are now the way of browsing the web for over 75% of the user when mobile. So, the websites also needed to adopt the cellphone friendly or mobile-friendly or they will be doomed. For this approach, we will discuss why you need a mobile-friendly responsive website.



User Experience: When you are browsing a certain webpage from a pc, that website will be configured to display on a bigger layout. But, a mobile screen is small, so you should reconfigure the website to make it user-friendly, thus in mobile devices, the experience remains the same.



A Responsive Layout: Any mobile-friendly websites should have a responsive layout thus it should adjust as per the screen size of a mobile device. This way a visitor may stay and browse the content for longer. If the website doesn't have a responsive layout, then the content may not visible as per its intended. This will reduce the visitors and the traffic for the website which has an impact on the business too.



Less Load Time: The mobile-friendly websites have a reduced load time due to the smaller image and the responsive layout design. As a user, you did not like to visit a website that loads slowly or have a captcha for security. Less load time will make less waiting for the users who are the ultimate gold for any website.



Interaction With The Website: In the modern smartphones, the website can be browsed by touch primarily. One finger touch to go up or down, left or right swap to navigate between pages, two-finger scrolling, etc makes easy interaction with the website for the users. There is no mouse pointer in the smartphones unless you connect one mouse via OTG. So, when creating the website, it is important to remember to make it mobile-friendly.



Good Investment, Less Maintenance Cost: Creating a mobile-friendly website with a conventional website will cost a little. But this will cost you one time, while you will have no extra maintenance cost for the mobile version. Because the users are now shifting to mobile devices, its a better idea to prepare yourself for that.



SEO: When you are paying for the SEO, a mobile-friendly website will not cost you more. And if you don't have a mobile-friendly website, Google will rank you far lower than a similar rival website with a mobile-friendly version.  Having a mobile-friendly website will improve your SEO and eventually rank you better on the search results.



Business Perspective: When you have a mobile-friendly website, the chances of getting a new business will become higher. Some users have more than one mobile device with them always. So, when you have a mobile-friendly website, you can send a push notification that a user may read. The chances of getting new clients became higher.



Transformation: If you want to create an app for your website, but don't have enough funds for it, then a mobile-friendly website may come handy. Using some platforms, you can transform your mobile-friendly website into an android app with one click with less than $10. This will somehow do the trick for you.