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Save for your future

Plan ahead for miscelleanous expenses.

Birth of Child
School fees

Interest Rates

3 Months - 3%
6 Months - 5%
9 Months - 10%
12 Months - 15%
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Flutter, the best and safest savings and investment firm, was established to provide intelligent portfolios with its expert investors, customer-priority approach, safe and high-tech investment tools.

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how it works
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    Only 1 minute and you're in. Enter the information you need to become a member and start right away

  • Select a plan that suites your budget

    Select a standard plan, a project that suits your budget or a saving plan with a good duration and interest

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  • Watch your investment grow

    Invest and sit back. You can follow your investment status at any time and invest in limited time special offers.

  • Payout Day

    Your investment is eligible to withdraw anytime after the first 24 hours.

Find the right plan for you

Investment & Savings solution that is affordable

Most popular
Ar5,000 Minimum Deposit
Ar100,000 Maximum Deposit
Runs for 30 Days
20% Return on Investment
3% Referral Bonus
8% Investment Bonus
Access to Profit anytime
Recurring capital investment

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